Health Benefits of Ripe Mango

Eye Disorders : Ripe mangoes are highly beneficial in the treatment of night blindness in which one cannot see properly in dim light. Eating mangoes liberally will also prevent development of refractive errors, dryness of the eyes, softening of the cornea, itching and burning in the eyes.

Infections : Liberal use of mangoes can prevent frequent attacks of common infections such as colds rhinitis and sinusities due to the high concentration of Vitamin A in the fruit.

Scorpion Bites : The mango juice that oozes out at the time of plucking the fruit from the tree gives immediate relief to pain when applied to the scorpion bite or bee sting. The juice can be collected and kept in a bottle for external use only.

Weight Gain : The mango-milk cure is an ideal treatment for loss of weight. Always select and eat the ripe and sweet mangoes first and then followed by milk, three times a day. The quantity of milk and mangoes should be carefully regulated according to the condition of the patient. For rapid weight gain, the patient has to consume between 3 to 4 kilos of mangoes with 4 to 5 litres of milk.

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